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Everything You Need to Know About New Zealand Census 2023

New Zealand Census is a nationwide survey conducted every five years, aiming to collect information about the country’s population, dwellings, and households. It provides essential data for the government, businesses, and communities to make informed decisions about important issues like education, healthcare, and housing.

What is Census NZ?

Census NZ is the national survey conducted by Statistics New Zealand. It is a snapshot of the population taken on Census Day, providing a comprehensive picture of the population and its characteristics.

How Often is NZ Census?

The New Zealand Census is conducted every five years. The last Census was held in 2018, which means the next Census will be in 2023. (This year!)

Do You Have to Do Census?

Yes, it is compulsory to participate in the Census. All individuals in New Zealand on Census Day are required by law to complete the Census form.

Is Census Compulsory NZ?

Yes, it is compulsory to participate in the Census, and failure to complete the Census form can result in a fine.

Census 2023 Online Application

If you have not received a census pack yet, there’s no need to wait for it. You can get an online access code by following the links on the 2023 Census website

The official website for the New Zealand Census is This website provides information about the Census, how to complete it online, and frequently asked questions.

Start Your Census

You can find “Start Your Census” button on the top page of the 2023 Census website (Under the text “All of us count” and “Tatau tātou”.)

Census Online

Completing the Census online is fast, secure, and environmentally friendly. It is an easy process that allows you to complete the survey from the comfort of your own home.

Census Form

The Census form collects a range of information about individuals, households, and dwellings. It includes questions about age, ethnicity, income, education, employment, and living arrangements.

Census Day

Census Day is the day that the Census is taken. In 2023, Census Day is on Tuesday, 7 March.

Census Fine

If you fail to complete the Census, you may be fined up to $2,000. It is important to participate in the Census to ensure that the data collected is accurate and represents the population.

Note: Communities that were most affected by Cyclone Gabrielle and recent flooding will be given additional time and support to participate in the census.