What is Plunket? Their Services? How to contact Plunket?

Q: Are you worrying about your English? #

If English is not your first language, tell your Plunket nurse and she will arrange an interpreter for you. This service is free. You can ask for interpreters when you call PlunketLine too, just tell the nurse on the phone which language(s) you speak.

Q: What is Plunket? #

A: Plunket is a national organisation in New Zealand that provides support services for parents and caregivers of young children. It was established in 1907 by Sir Truby King, and has since become a trusted resource for families throughout the country.

Q: What services does Plunket offer? #

A: Plunket offers a wide range of services to support parents and caregivers of young children. These services include:

  • Well Child/Tamariki Ora health checks: Plunket provides free health and development checks for children from birth to five years old, which includes monitoring growth and development, and providing advice on nutrition, immunisations, and other health concerns.
  • Parenting education and support: Plunket offers a variety of parenting classes, workshops, and support groups to help parents and caregivers develop the skills and knowledge they need to care for their children, including 24/7 parenting helpline.
  • Community services: Plunket operates a network of community centres throughout the country, where families can access a range of services, including breastfeeding support, playgroups, and family counselling.

Q: How can I contact Plunket? #

A: There are several ways to contact Plunket in New Zealand:

  • Phone: Plunket has a national phone line that you can call for advice and support. The number is 0800 933 922.
  • Online: Plunket has a website (www.plunket.org.nz) that provides information on its services and resources, as well as contact details for local Plunket centres.
  • In person: Plunket operates a network of community centres throughout the country, where families can access a range of services and support. You can find the nearest Plunket centre to you on the organization’s website.

Overall, Plunket is a valuable resource for parents and caregivers in New Zealand, providing a range of services and support to help families raise happy and healthy children. If you need advice or support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Plunket through one of its many channels of communication.

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